• Data protection of your application

Data protection for your application

We at SCHARNAU take data protection very seriously when you apply for a job. Here we inform you about our internal procedures for applications for positions advertised by us.

Do you have further questions? We are at your disposal with pleasure.

What is the purpose of collecting personal data?

The collection of your personal data only serves the purpose of searching for applicants.

How can you change your personal data?

You have the right to change the data at any time. A change can only be made by a written request.

Who processes the information from your application and who is informed about your application?

The data is supervised by our personnel department and evaluated exclusively by it and the responsible decision-makers. It will not be passed on to third parties.

Should your applicant data be suitable for another position, your consent will be obtained before the data is passed on to the next decision-maker.

Who is responsible for data collection and processing (including data protection officer)?

The responsibility for data collection and processing lies exclusively with the human resources department.

Data protection officer
UBB Schwan
Micheal Gunkel
Georg-Knorr Straße 4
12681 Berlin

What personal data do we collect?

We record the data you send us.

These usually include your name, address, telephone number, curriculum vitae, references, certificates or deeds and your picture.

When will your personal data be deleted?

Ihre persönlichen Daten dürfen so lange aufbewahrt werden, bis die ausgeschriebene Stelle besetzt ist. Diese werden jedoch spätestens nach sechs Monaten gelöscht. Eine längere Aufbewahrung erfolgt allein mit Ihrer Einwilligung. Auf Ihre Anforderung kann zu jeder Zeit die Löschung vorgenommen werden.Your personal data may be kept until the advertised position is filled. However, they will be deleted after six months at the latest. Longer retention is only possible with your consent. Upon your request, the data can be deleted at any time.