• Clean Energy

Shaping the future sustainably

Modern adhesive solutions can do much more than you sometimes think. They ensure strong and durable connections or can be removed easily and without leaving residues if necessary. They are resistant to extreme temperatures, withstand the highest stresses and offer maximum flexibility. Thanks to their properties, they are sustainable and can be used over the long term.

Scharnau's adhesive solutions also demonstrate their sustainable advantages when used in the field of solar plants and wind turbines. Particularly in maintenance and repair, they contribute with their unsurpassed properties to long product durability and a long life cycle with maximum performance.

SCHARNAU adhesive-tape solutions of the highest quality

sustainable – consistent – reliable

SCHARNAU has decades of practical experience and competence with countless adhesive products and applications. We’re always thinking and acting one step ahead. As Matthias Schach, managing partner, emphasizes: “Whether it’s the specification, production, process optimization, component or module assembly, or quality management, one thing remains the same: Our customers receive optimal support and individual solutions for their bonding requirements.”