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Without quality awareness, there can be no quality

Quality begins in the mind and SCHARNAU sows the seeds of collective quality awareness throughout the company

We have developed into an industrial supplier of individually manufactured, high-quality self-adhesive components.

Without our employees’ keen willingness to learn, take responsibility and change, this would not be possible. Because quality, and quality awareness, begins in the mind. A “sense of quality” needs to be shared as an inspiration and passed from one person to another; this is the only way to achieve high-quality, sustainable solutions.

Our responsible and quality-conscious cooperation builds on mutual esteem and a good relationship of trust between workforce, company and management, between colleagues and, of course, between us and our customers and partners.

We are characterized by our culture of open, direct and trusting communication.

Team work at SCHARNAU means assuming responsibility, not just for one’s own work but also for the whole team.

Our dedicated and competent employees are a guarantee for the quality achieved, for our success and for a secure future at our Werneuchen location.

Despite increasing automation and the digitalization of processes and production, the experience, creativity, competence and flexibility of our employees remain irreplaceable in many areas.

Company management

The management of Bindfadenhaus en gros Gustav Scharnau GmbH.

Matthias Schach

Managing Director

Completed his studies as a mineralogist with a degree in crystallography in 1989 and took over the reins at Bindfadenhaus on October 1 of the same year.

Our employees

Committed to the company: SCHARNAU promotes employee development through targeted training measures – as well as supports social projects.