• Individual processing

Individually manufactured self-adhesive components

Our core business area with robust growth

“We have been working with adhesive tapes since 1961, since 1990 with individually manufactured adhesive tape applications, and since 2010 with application processes and assemblies.

The technical implementation of adhesive bonding, i.e., the bonding process, is a highly demanding process in many areas of industry, such as the automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical industries or generally in vehicle construction. Adhesive tapes are increasingly being used in these areas.

SCHARNAU has decades of practical experience and expertise in countless adhesive products and applications.
With pride we present a range of over 10,000 solutions!

“Our customers value our safe and reliable processes as well as the high quality of our innovative, individual adhesive solutions”.

Matthias Schach, managing partner

Development of optimal adhesive solutions

is underpinned by extensive understanding of adhesive applications and customer requirements

Our customers value our decades of experience and expertise in bonding technology. It is crucial at an early stage to define the bonding job with its particular requirements and specifications, and chart the path from planning to implementation in production.

The challenge lies not only in finding the optimal adhesive solution or product, but also in brining the customer’s processes, and our own requisite processes for the adhesive solution into harmony. Put simply, this means that our solution and the final product can be seamlessly and sustainably integrated into the customer’s production process.

We accomplish this with a supply chain that is transparent and consistent for the customer.

“Whether it’s the specification, production, process optimization, component or module assembly, or quality management, one thing remains the same: Our customers receive optimal support and individual solutions for their bonding requirements,” explains executive manager Matthias Schach.

Core competencies

Core competencies Processing of different types of adhesive tape

Mastering the basic methods of tape processing is an essential prerequisite for creating high-quality solutions and products.

Laminating, wrapping and cutting

We manufacture many of the adhesive raw materials for further processing, or prepare the basic products supplied by other manufacturers specifically for further processing into the final product.

Die-cutting and lasering

To fulfill their function flawlessly, components need to be custom-fit for many industrial applications. For this reason, we pay attention to the highest precision when cutting (lasering) and die-cut our adhesive moldings. Our state-of-the-art machinery and processing techniques are an important prerequisite for high-precision results.


Our assembly and completion of supplied adhesive components is a crucial competence we possess as a supplier to industry, in particular to the automotive sector.

This relieves the customer of having to carry out the individual bonding process, especially when several different applications are involved. SCHARNAU integrates the process into universal machines or assembly stations and in this way ensures optimum assembly processes at all times.