• Process competence

Zero-defect manufacturing strategy

means secure, reliable processes and high-quality innovative, customized adhesive solutions

The technical implementation of adhesive bonding, i.e., the bonding process, is highly complex in many areas of industry. One significant reason for this may be that nondestructive testing of the mechanical strength of the bond in the boundary layer between the adhesive agent and the bonding surface is immensely demanding.

With regard to their bonding capacities, modern materials place ever increasing demands on adhesive tapes. The pretreatment of the surfaces is a crucial factor for a successful bonding process. Priming,* corona pretreatment,** flaming or a combination of cleaning and surface activation are suitable methods for this purpose.

For this reason alone, the bonding-process and adhesive-solution must be completed to the highest proficiency possible to be assured that the respective result is fit for use in practical application without exhaustive testing.

We guarantee our customers consistent quality based on a zero defect strategy. This guarantee is based on 30 years’ expertise in adhesive tape processing and 10 years’ process expertise in assembly.
SCHARNAU stands for reliability when it comes to high-quality, individual adhesive solutions and their processes!

*In adhesive technology, this is a precoat used to treat the bonding surface before the adhesive is applied to improve the adhesion and/or durability of a bond.
**Direct corona – Discharge between electrode and grounded counter electrode, the material to be treated is passed through the gap.
Indirect corona – Discharge between two ceramic electrodes; a laminar air current directs the resulting “current filaments” onto the surface to be treated.

Process competence

is a major pillar of our corporate philosophy

SCHARNAU adhesive-tape solutions are of the highest quality, the processes are sustainable, reliable and reproducible. Production is safe, of the highest quality and reliable in implementation.

As a result of our experience, we pay attention to the smallest detail. From specification through production, process optimization to quality management. All in the service of optimal customer support and the achievement of innovative, individual solutions based on the customer’s adhesive requirements. Always staying one step ahead is what determines our thoughts and actions.

We implement complex adhesive and/or assembly solutions and their processes at production sites in Brandenburg in Germany and in the Czech Republic.

And we have naturally prepared ourselves for the challenges posed by the digitalization of our processes and production in the coming years.

The following diagram illustrates the core elements of each area.

SCHARNAU adhesive-tape solutions of the highest quality

sustainable – consistent – reliable

SCHARNAU has decades of practical experience and competence with countless adhesive products and applications. We’re always thinking and acting one step ahead. As Matthias Schach, managing partner, emphasizes: “Whether it’s the specification, production, process optimization, component or module assembly, or quality management, one thing remains the same: Our customers receive optimal support and individual solutions for their bonding requirements.”