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An ode to adhesive tape

We have a very long history of working with artists of all genres and organizations of every kind in show business, film, radio and television.

Whether on stage, in theaters and opera houses, in concerts and musicals, film and television productions, radio recording studios, art exhibitions, conferences and general events of all natures and sizes (cabaret theaters, halls, arenas): adhesive tapes are used everywhere.

As we’re familiar with most of the requirements in these areas, we’re certain our range of tapes will include the right product or solution to suit your needs.

Many artists also use adhesive tape to express their ideas through their works of art. One such artist is Monika Grzymala, who created her installations with 3.8 kilometers of black adhesive tape in the Lothar Fischer Museum in Neumarkt–Oberpfalz, Germany.
*Source: Mittelbayerische Zeitung, nordbayern.de

Professional bonding on stages and at events

The areas of application where our products and solutions are employed include anchoring and assembling stage equipment and carpet and dance-floor installations; marking and signposting dangerous areas in front of and behind the stage and in the auditorium, and attaching filter films to spotlights. The traditional gaffer’s tape is, of course, essential for universal applications.

We offer a diversity of solutions and products for both large organizations and productions and small teams in art, culture and music.

Depending on the quantity and type of solution or product, you will receive your delivery directly from the Werneuchen plant.

SCHARNAU adhesive-tape solutions of the highest quality

sustainable – consistent – reliable

SCHARNAU has decades of practical experience and competence with countless adhesive products and applications. We’re always thinking and acting one step ahead. As Matthias Schach, managing partner, emphasizes: “Whether it’s the specification, production, process optimization, component or module assembly, or quality management, one thing remains the same: Our customers receive optimal support and individual solutions for their bonding requirements.”