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Two wheels, four wheels, legs or runners ...

We assist in the repair of professional and recreational sports equipment. After all, we feel right at home on the tracks, courts, fields and slopes of the world.

Whether a summer or winter sport, individual discipline or team sport, countless fields of application exist for adhesive tape-solutions and products. We not only offer a wide range of merchandise, but also individual adhesive-tape solutions from other areas of industry or the skilled trades and transfer them to use in the area of sports.

Our own great passion is motor sport. Rally or circuit, motorcycle or truck, Formula racing or touring car, nothing on the world’s tracks today is possible without the right adhesive tapes and solutions.

SCHARNAU rises to the challenges of motor sport with innovative products and solutions as well as optimal processes. Because every 1/1,000 of a second counts.

A wide diversity of adhesive tapes and products such as cable binders and special films are used in countless areas of motor sports.

Nearly always under the most extreme conditions, such as in intense heat or cold; to hinder the ingress of water, air or dust; and for protection against UV light or stone chipping. These materials must realize 100% of their required properties and remain intact, right up to the finishing line.

And it’s precisely the challenges posed by innovative, customized solutions that we at SCHARNAU are particularly glad to accept. And why we’ve felt at home in motor sports for more than 15 years.
Numerous teams, including the ADAC GT Masters and the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) as well as the World Rally Championship and the German Rally Championship (DRM) are among the numerous teams that seek our competence as a supplier and partner.

Our services range from classic adhesive products to special solutions. Individually tailored to the respective process or application in motor sports.