It started in the 1990s in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

In 1991, Gustav Scharnau designed his first self-adhesive supplier part. A mounting and sealing part for Siemens AG.
In 1993, the first parts for Porsche were manufactured which remained in the vehicle.

We belonged to the pioneers of the new form of mounting parts.

Bindfadenhaus en gros Gustav Scharnau GmbH
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Individual solutions for assembly and production

Over 125 employees design, plan and realize self-adhesive supply parts. For mounting, for dense and dams as well as the protection of surfaces. For almost 30 years, we have been processing self-adhesive materials at the Location. Once precise, functional stamping parts were in focus, we manufacture complex supplied parts for automated application processes today.

Wide range of services for your application

Scharnau combines know-how and competence with experience and innovation in a unique way. We are constantly working to optimize production and internal processes and adapt these new circumstances.

We know the requirements of large and small companies in quality, punctuality and availability. They exceed this is our Stet's goal.